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PARENTING WITHOUT REGRET: Raising Kids with Purpose, Not Perfection

$15.99 $13.99

Clear Day Publishing

PARENTING WITHOUT REGRET: Raising Kids with Purpose, Not Perfection

$15.99 $13.99

“Excellent book! As a father of seven, I found myself thinking, ‘Amen!’ throughout every chapter. Lots of helpful insights that I plan on implementing in my own family. I am so grateful for the example of Jimmy and Laura as parents and Christians. I hope that many many parents will read this book and follow their example. This is the exact kind of parenting book this generation needs.”  

~ Francis Chan - Best-selling Author Crazy Love  

"It's not easy raising children today, and many Christian parents wish they had mentors walking the path alongside them. In Parenting Without Regret, Jimmy and Laura Seibert are stepping into that role. By describing how they've raised four remarkable kids who love and serve Christ, the Seiberts are equipping parents everywhere to follow in their footsteps with our own families."

~ Jim Daly, President - Focus on the Family                                                                       



Have you ever struggled with being a parent and wondered if what you were doing would actually work? We’ve all been there.

In Parenting Without Regret, Jimmy and Laura Seibert share their story of how God led them to parent with intentionality. They touch on topics that are a common struggle among parents: How do we help our children overcome their insecurities? How do we deal with the challenges of our culture and protect our kids’ purity? How do we prepare them for the future? How do we help them develop their own relationship with God and live life on mission?

From personal stories to biblical content, Jimmy and Laura bring you into the process of how we navigated and answered these questions for our family. 

Key Topics Addressed Include:

  •    Parenting from Wholeness
  •    You are the #1 Influencer
  •    Placing Identity on Your Kids
  •    Dating and Attraction
  •    Praying for Your Kids

This book will ignite fresh hope into every parent that reads it,and subsequently raise a new generation of young people who are ready to take on the challenges of this world and shape it for the glory of God.


Jimmy and Laura Seibert are founders of Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas, and Antioch Ministries International. Jimmy and Laura have committed their lives to a discipleship movement through the local church—envisioning people to love God, love others, and share the Good News of Jesus here and around the world. They have been married 28 years and have four children: daughter Abby and her husband Kyle Van Hecke, daughter Lauren, and two sons, Caleb and Daniel. Jimmy Seibert is the author of Passion & Purpose: Believing the Church Can Still Change the World.