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OUT OF THE BLUE: The Unexpected Adventure of Life Interrupted


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OUT OF THE BLUE: The Unexpected Adventure of Life Interrupted



Greg's avocation of embracing the adventure of interruption emerged on his journey into oncology wings of hospitals from Tennessee to Texas. As the result of suffering, he notices strangers who are bent, broken, bruised, and bedraggled. He is prepared to offer encouraging words and a prayer for anyone who may happen across his path. In this pursuit, he has never been more alive.

Greg's Rolodex is legendary, due in large part to his attitude and personal philosophy of, "I would rather make a friend than cut a deal."

Before embarking on the unexpected adventure of life interrupted, Greg joined the iDonate organization, even though he didn't know the difference between an A-frame and an I-frame. However, iDonate might not exist if it were not for Greg's ability to make connections.

As the Chief Relationship Officer of iDonate.com, Greg used his people skills to positively impact the culture of the organization while externally serving in a business development capacity.

Before he joined the iDonate team, Greg wore various hats while serving with entrepreneur and philanthropist Bob Buford. Bob and Greg launched the Halftime Institute, where they encouraged leaders to move from success to the pursuit of significance. While at the Institute, Greg served as President, Head of Marketing & Sales, and Chief Connections Officer.

In 2016, Greg launched Leading With a Limp, a 501c3, to serve as the home base for his personal ministry. Learn more about Greg at gregmurtha.com and leadingwithalimp.org.

Greg has said "I Do" with Tracey Caperton Murtha for 23 years. They have a 15-year-old son named Jackson and a 10-year-old Labradoodle named Jaggie.


“I’m thankful God used cancer to save me from myself. Cancer has sculpted me into someone who understands more deeply, hurts more often, appreciates more quickly, cries more easily, hopes more desperately, loves more openly, and lives more passionately. Frankly, I’ve discovered life is richer because of my interruption than it was without it. It leads me to places where there are people who need to receive what I have to share. It forces me to slow down and make eye contact with God. It makes me solely dependent upon him, and there’s not a better place to be.”

In Christ, 



What you’re about to read is a celebration of what it looks like to be lowered through the roof to the feet of Jesus. But here’s the thing: Greg isn’t the guy on the stretcher; he’s the guy on the roof with a couple of ropes around us.                   

BOB GOFF - author of Love Does and Chief Balloon Inflator

Greg Murtha is a man after God’s own heart. Out of the Blue will inspire you to embrace interruptions, listen to the Holy Spirit, and say, yes.  It is when we say yes, as Greg has done, that God turns everyday life into an unexpected adventure. 

KATIE DAVIS MAJORS - author of Kisses from Katie and Daring to Hope

How many people do you know who embrace absolutely everything? Even cancer. When I met Greg Murtha, I realized I was gazing into the eyes of the person I wanted to become. Brave, intelligent, funny, confident, and faithful, Greg embraces a complete acceptance of his fate with pure joy and excitement. Knowing him is a beautiful gift. You, too, will feel that and be incredibly inspired after reading Out of the Blue.  

SCOTT HAMILTON - Olympic Gold Medalist, Figure Skater Commentator and Cancer Survivor  

Watching Greg Murtha’s journey from success to significance to surrender has been a great privilege. I’m grateful he wrote Out of the Blue. It holds much wisdom that should speak to the way we live. Please read this book and be inspired to live the great adventure God has designed for you.

BOB BUFORD - founder of Leadership Network and the Halftime Institute and author of Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance