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Did you know you can earn money from your blog, website or on social media by sharing about products you have tried and want to tell everyone about? When you join our affiliate program, you'll earn a 15% commission on any sale you refer for the following Christian products...

  • The Gospel According to Culture book by Drew Steadman
  • Out Of The Blue: The Unexpected Adventure of a Life Interrupted book by Greg Murtha
  • Go Make Disciples book by Drew Steadman
  • Parenting Without Regret book by Jimmy and Laura Seibert
  • REALIGN Christian Financial Curriculum by Josh Lawson
  • REALIGN book by Josh Lawson
  • Passion & Purpose book by Jimmy Seibert
  • The Heartbeat of God devotional by Chris Baxter
  • The Partying God book by Robert Herber
  • It Is Finished Worship CD by AntiochLIVE
  • Our God Comes Worship CD by AntiochLIVE
  • New Products Added Periodically

Recommending Clear Day products to your friends, family, followers on social media and to your site or blog visitors can provide a nice income stream for you. 

How The Clear Day Affiliate Program Works

When you become a Clear Day affiliate through our program hosted on the ShareASale Affiliate Network, you'll be provided with a unique affiliate referral link. You'll use this special link when reviewing and recommending any of our products, books, courses, CDs and DVDs. Your affiliate link tracks sales to you so you can be credited with commissions on your sales.

When we receive visitors through your affiliate-tagged links, we'll associate that visitor with your account. If they then order a product (either on that visit, or on a later visit up to 60 days), you'll receive a commission on their purchase.

There is no cost to sign up.

Commission payments are paid monthly.

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