Embracing Motherhood

Ever wondered how you’re going to survive being a parent? Laura Seibert writes about her first babysitting experiences as a twelve-year-old in her book Parenting Without Regret and confesses her fear of motherhood, even after the birth of her first child. Yet after meeting with God and hearing Him speak about this great mission and privilege, Laura shares about how her perspective began to shift as she embraced her role as a parent and mother.

In a recent Inspired to Action podcast, Kat Lee encourages listeners who may identify with the feeling of fear in regards to motherhood and affirms Laura’s experience and legacy as a mother. “There are few people I could recommend with more integrity, just having watched Laura’s life (and) having seen her children grow up.” Now almost on the other side of motherhood, Laura has “this wonderful legacy in (her) kids.”

Many moms or young singles may be hesitant to admit their hesitancy toward motherhood, yet Kat explains that she “really appreciated (Laura’s) vulnerability because it’s not something we hear all that often.” It’s freeing to hear someone talk honestly about the struggle to “change your identify and really understand God’s heart for being a mom.” Laura shares about both in the book, Parenting Without Regret.

In the book and during the podcast Laura explains how she grabbed hold of her own vision for her new role as a mom. Laura confesses being inspired by successful women in careers and other stages of life, yet as she began to dialog with God about this, she sensed Him affirming her role as mother - the only mother her kids would and could ever have. “Other people can ‘mom’ your kids, but you are their mom… and nobody else can be that. That was revelation to me.”

Kat affirms this idea in the Inspired to Action podcast after hearing from Laura. She says “It’s a common thing to be a mom, but there is a richness and depth to it that I don’t think everyone gets to experience.” If moms will truly learn to lean into God during this time of redefining identity and rhythms, gain vision for their new role and allow God to speak promises of hope over their children, it will set their children up for the long haul.

In addition to gaining personal vision and revelation, Laura also shares about gaining this vision for the sake of her kids. “Kids are so discerning. They know when you don’t like being somewhere… they feel it.” After the birth of her first child, Laura determined to change the way she shared with others - especially her kids - about her job or role as a mother. She recalls changing her tone of voice and placing emphasis on the word ‘mom’, rather than replying she was “just a mom” when asked what she did for a living.

In the book, Laura shares how, in the moment, it’s rare to find glimpses of the kind of fruit your investment in your children will bear, yet the role of mother is irreplaceable. Kat ends the podcast encouraging listeners to grab hold of this truth. “As a mom… we will never be unimportant in our kids lives.” Furthermore, in any other job or sphere, our role could easily be replaced, but no one else has the privilege of being a mom to your kids, no matter how good of a parent you think you are.

Read Laura and her husband Jimmy’s book 'Parenting Without Regret' to hear more stories, practical advice, and Christian insight into the seemingly daunting task of parenthood. If you missed the Inspired to Action podcast, you can listen to it here and purchase the book on our website or through Amazon.

To read more about Jimmy and Laura's parenting experiences, visit our bookstore or Amazon to purchase Parenting Without Regret

An Interview with Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines found themselves in a hard situation a few years back wondering what do you do when dreams die and you just can’t make ends meet? When the economy took a nosedive in 2008, many people suffered, especially those in the housing industry. Chip remembers feeling as if they were in a “real bonafide pickle” after recently purchasing a development property in Waco and closing Joanna’s little shop on Bosque. Recently, in an interview with Chip and Joanna Gaines at Antioch Community Church, Chip recalls sitting in the back of a service hearing Jimmy Seibert invite the congregation to come forward with whatever needs they had.

“I sat in the backrow and I felt completely overwhelmed by our circumstances,” explains Chip. “I told God in a very transparent but very honest way, I’m not goin’ up front because I’m not going to waste anybody else’s money… and I don’t think there’s enough money to solve our issues even if I do go up front.”

Several weeks later Chip and Joanna were invited to meet with some friends from their community at church at the property to pray and discuss their options. Toward the end of their time together, the couple handed Chip and Jo a check - an amount that made Chip Gaines’ knees shake.

“I almost fainted,” recalls Chip. “I knew that God had heard my plea. He let me know right then, if you need anything else, let me know. What else can I do for you? All you gotta do is ask.” After the initial shock, the couple explained they had already imagined if Chip and Jo weren’t able to pay them back. “I remember feeling overwhelming gratitude that I felt not only for them, but… community… and if we weren’t walking with these people, if we weren’t calling out to God in a real practical way, who knows if we would have missed that opportunity of a lifetime to see God in action.”

In the years after receiving this generous gift, Chip and Joanna worked hard to manage their business, create sustainable systems and get both their personal and business expenses back on track. Looking back, Chip and Joanna recommend the book REALIGN by Josh Lawson as a practical and helpful tool for managing and mastering your finances.

“If you are looking at your financial house and realizing that it needs major help or even a minor repair, then we highly encourage you to attend REALIGN and DO WHAT IT SAYS,” says Chip. You won’t regret it.”

To purchase the book or discover more information about the REALIGN classes, visit our website and the REALIGN website! And if you missed the interview with Pastor Jimmy Seibert and the Gainses, visit the Antioch website.