• Parenting Without Regret: The Parenting Book This Generation Needs
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Parenting Without Regret: The Parenting Book This Generation Needs

When bestselling author and speaker Francis Chan was originally introduced to Antioch and Jimmy Seibert, he was encouraged by and drawn to Antioch’s vision and values - so much so that he traveled to Antioch Waco several times and even sent teams from his own church to partner with Antioch overseas as a part of Engage the Crisis. Chan was invited to speak at Antioch’s global mission conference, World Mandate, two years ago and plans to speak again at the conference in January 2017.

Last Spring when Jimmy’s latest book, Parenting Without Regret, was published Chan endorsed the book, and having been challenged personally, he encouraged parents to purchase the book themselves. “As a father of seven, I found myself thinking, ‘Amen!’ throughout every chapter. Lots of helpful insights that I plan on implementing in my own family. I am so grateful for the example of Jimmy and Laura as parents and Christians.”

Jimmy and Laura confessed early on that neither of them walked into marriage with a perfect experience or idea of family. Jimmy explains that no matter what your family background may be, healing is essential. And when we intentionally begin from a place of wholeness, then we can begin to parent without regret.

“We all need a work of restoration. No parenting tips will fix your brokenness. We all need to look inward first and let the Holy Spirit transform our hearts,” offers Jimmy. Because of this commitment to find Jesus in the midst of brokenness first, Jimmy and Laura set themselves apart as individuals and as parents. Rather than parenting out of their own experiences - good and bad - they chose to parent based on a Biblical foundation.

“We have found that many people tend to parent out of what they saw was wrong in their own families,” Jimmy explains in the first chapter. “Whatever your past is there has to be an agreement in marriage to not react to the past, but to lay a healthy path to the future. It was our Biblical commitment that would lay the foundation for how we would see life and do life together.”

Now many are being encouraged to follow Jimmy and Laura’s example by meeting with Jesus first, and allowing Him to do a work of wholeness and healing. “I hope that many many parents will read this book and follow their example,” Chan exhorts. “This is the exact kind of parenting book this generation needs.”

To read more about Jimmy and Laura’s parenting experiences, visit our bookstore or Amazon to purchase Parenting Without Regret: Raising Kids With Purpose, Not Perfection.
  • Tori Schaulis
  • Francis ChanJimmy SeibertLaura SeibertparentingParenting Without Regret